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A recent report released by QuantiaMD aka @QuantiaMD and the CareContinuum Alliance (CCA) aka @CareContinuum is worth note. The survey was conducted by Frost & Sullivan in collaboration with QuantiaMD  and the Institute for Health Technology Transformation.

‘Social media’ was defined to include: “not only social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, but also professional and patient networking communities specific to the medical field, blogs and sites such as YouTube”).

Executive Summary

Physicians are highly engaged with online networks and social media. Nearly 90% of physicians use at least one site for personal use, and over 65% for professional purposes. Overall, clinicians express significant interest in the potential applications of social media to their professions – whether via online physician communities, online patient communities or sites that could facilitate physician-patient interactions. A group of “Connected Clinicians” is using multiple social media sites for both personal and professional uses. These clinicians are the front-runners in applying social media to medicine, and are most eager to use it to positively impact patient care. Key take-aways from our study include:

• The vast majority of physicians are already using social media; Facebook tops the list for personal use, while online physician communities are driving professional use.

• Physicians familiar with online patient communities believe they positively impact patient health; however, awareness of these sites is low.

• Some 28% of physicians already use professional physician communities, with the highest enthusiasm around using them to learn from experts and peers.

• Clinicians see the potential in online interactions with patients to improve access to and quality of care, but concerns around patient privacy, liability and their compensation for such activities must be addressed.

• There is significant need for secure, convenient forms of electronic communication that clinicians can use to communicate with each other, and with patients.

• Over 20% of clinicians use 2 or more sites each for personal and professional use; these “Connected Clinicians” are the most eager to use social media to improve health care.

• There are opportunities for constituents across the health care system to use social media as a tool for improving patient care.

Our study included 4,033 clinicians and was conducted in August of 2011 on QuantiaMD. QuantiaMD is the leading mobile and online community serving over 125,000 physicians with opportunities to learn from, and exchange insights with, their peers and experts in their fields.

To read the full report, click here.

A big ‘h/t’ to both QuantiaMD & CCA!