This Week in Oncology with Dr. Just’ is a weekly series on BlogTalkRadio. For scheduled live and/or archived broadcasts, click here.

Our first broadcast segment was recorded on June 21, 2011. In this series, we discuss topics in medicine, oncology, clinical research, best practices, the emergence of social media in healthcare, the ongoing debate about health system reform or re-design, including the latest conversations on Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s), and the future of community practice of medicine and more specifically medical oncology.

These are indeed interesting times in clinical medicine, healthcare delivery and finance, as two pro’s who’s been through a few of these cycles we hope to offer insights, wit and the occasional laugh now and then. Join us on this journey!


On the Wednesday, November 30th broadcast, at 1PM Pacific/4PM Eastern our special guest is Douglas B. Neely, CMPE, MHA, Senior Director. Oncology Market Insights, Xcenda®, AmerisourceBergen Consulting Services. We’ll discuss key trends and their expected impact on medical oncology practices, from VBP, to bundled payment, clinical pathways, and ACOs.

For a webcast titled ‘Integrating Payer and Provider Programs to Maximize Access in the New Value-based Oncology Market’ , click here.

Mr Neely is a Senior Director and leads Xcenda’s Oncology Insights team. In this role, Doug and the Oncology Insights team support the development and implementation of brand strategies utilizing multiple market research tools and Xcenda’s proprietary network of advisors, the Network for Oncology Communications and Research (NOCR).

To join us live or via archived replay, click here.

We’ll discuss insights into the provision of oncology services from a practice perspective; including the key shifts underway and how this impacts a traditional medical oncology practice. 

Mr. Neely brings 20 years experience of in healthcare, with 10 years spent on the provider side of the industry. He combines his firsthand experience working inside physician practices and hospitals with his knowledge of product commercialization to help clients develop effective brand and access strategies. He is an experience presenter (including the ACCC Annual Meeting and MGMA/AOHA) and has authored publications on reimbursement and access topics both in general and specifically related to oncology products.


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