By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Last week FutureMed at Singularity University on the campus of NASA Ames in Mountain View, California ran it’s week long intensive for 2013. This year It’s executive director and principal organizer, Daniel Kraft, MD gave the cyberspace crowd a full day’s taste of the program on Tuesday, February, 5th. For the agenda including links to faculty, click here.FutureMed 2013

Of the many powerful and stimulating presentations one in particular stands out as offered by 16 year old scientist, and winner of the 2012 Intel National Science Fair Jack Andraka. For a taste of Jack’s entusiasm, passion and intellect check out the video below:

We are thrilled that Jack will be joining us on ‘This Week In Oncology‘ on February 20, 2013 to learn more about this remarkable young man and discuss his journey into science and making a difference. We’ll post the details and program description shortly.

For additional insight on Jack, see a recent BBC interview below, where he explains his process and determined journey in the face of a serious amount of mainstream academia skepticism: