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By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Since the beginning of this blog, including @Chemosabe1 and @JustOncology Twitter participation, and the launch of ‘This Week in Oncology‘ on the BlogTalk Radio Network we’ve been developing the concept of @TumorBoard. The idea is to ‘up-level’ the traditional hospital based ‘bricks and sticks’ tumor board to the web for real time consultative access to peer sourced and evidenced based best practices.

Once the center piece of any community hospital with ‘cancer center’ aspirations, and a value added incentive for staff physicians to journey from the office to the hospital for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner as the case may be, for peer networking, education, including Category 1 accredited CME, and periodic guidance and support on difficult cases, the popularity of tumor board had waned somewhat. We believe this is due in part to the increasing complexity and demands on physician time particularly in community based practices.

Yet we reasoned, with the introduction of smart phones and devices such as iPads or their tablet derivatives, to the near universal prevalence of desktops and laptops in medical practices, plus a small but steadily growing interest and participation of physicians in social media applications, why not attempt to bridge the either/or ‘workflow divide’ via these ubiquitous devices and secured web based access?

We thought the experimentation to be well worthwhile, and that the technology, people and macro-economic trends were on our side. As a result, we met with several ‘infrastructure’ partners and vendors to evaluate the state of the art so to speak, and were pleasantly surprised. We have certain specifications and needs lined up but remain open as to our preferred relationship at this time.

To date, we’ve opened the Twitter account @TumorBoard, acquired the domain names TumorBoard.co and TumorBoard.tv, since TumorBoard.com was owned by someone else, though only in a ‘parked’ and passive status. But the ‘gold standard’ from a branding perspective remained the outside our reach dot com version. After some preliminary domain brokering exchanges, we finally settled on a price, and are now pleased to announce the acquisition of TumorBoard.com. We will be activating the site shortly.

There is lots more to come. So stay tuned!